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Best Stable Diffusion Prompts for AI Art; Top 5 List Marketplaces

When confronted by AI-powered (AI) text-to-image maker, the user might struggle to figure out what exactly to enter into the description field. Advanced AI systems for text and images could perform some tasks for humans. They create elegantly written texts in a variety of languages, or produce high-quality illustrations and graphics if you provide them with the appropriate instructions, or "prompts." A professional marketplace for AI-based image prompts has been developed so let’s start with the best prompt marketplaces right now.

BY SUPER ADMIN 28.10.2022 in UI/UX

Top 11 Taxi Flutter App Templates

As you might know, if you have ever tried to find a perfect application for your taxi business, you need to look for some specific things, that will fit your business needs. If you're not sure, which ones are the important aspects of each app, then this review might be your guide. we have taken deep research and dug into the internet to collect the best applications for our taxi businesses. So let’s start with our top 11 taxi flutter app templates for 2022.

BY SUPER ADMIN 24.10.2022 in UI/UX

Top 10 Free Dashboard UI Kits for 2022

Everyone wants to know what's going on with their website and the state of their business. Dashboards are great tools that allow users to check in on progress and make quick decisions. We've gathered the top 10 free dashboards for you that you can use for a variety of purposes and for a wide range of users.

BY SUPER ADMIN 20.10.2022 in UI/UX

Ionic Profile Templates: Top 10 List

When we're talking about the top 10 list ionic profile pages template, it's all about beautiful simplicity. What we present to you today, is the top 10 profile page templates for Ionic framework and Angular. The profiles are designed to be elegant and look great on any device.

BY SUPER ADMIN 19.10.2022 in UI/UX

Top 10 Flutter Social App Templates for 2022

If you're building a mobile app with the help of Flutter, you should definitely check out our list of top 10 social app templates! The industry is constantly evolving, and the way your users utilize mobile apps is changing at the same time. With new trends (containing stories, movies, social connections) every year, it's important to stay ahead of the game as designers and developers.

BY SUPER ADMIN 14.10.2022 in UI/UX

Top 10 UI Design Trends You Need To Know in 2022

Despite the increasing number of websites, it is difficult to stand out from your competitors even if you are following the most recent UX trends. Many websites look identical, which confuses users. What makes brands unique if their online representations are almost identical? Design is an amazing tool to identify and differentiate brands.

2020 was over, but UI/UX trends for 2021 were moving in a new direction. Simple interfaces were matched with high-powered, high performance trends such as AI, 3D as well as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality.

BY SUPER ADMIN 13.10.2022 in UI/UX

Flutter eCommerce Grocery App Templates: Top 10 List

When you´re tasked with creating a grocery and delivery app, you can quickly get overwhelmed by the possibilities. It's not uncommon to spend 2-3 days of research just to find a single solution that helps your users. But, if you´re using Flutter and want the best results in the shortest amount of time, then use this handy guide to help you choose from the top 10 grocery and delivery app templates for Flutter.

BY SUPER ADMIN 10.10.2022 in UI/UX

How make money by selling AI-generated art?

Computer-generated art is a hot trend and you can make money selling AI-generated images. It wasn't too long ago that people were excited about selling images under NFT. Now it seems like we're moving on to AI-generated artYou may have seen these hyperrealistic images on Instagram or YouTube. It doesn't matter how you found this world, I'm certain we all felt the same: This is both cool and scary at once. 

BY SUPER ADMIN 06.10.2022 in UI/UX

Best Healthcare UI Kits and Dashboards for 2022 (Adobe Xd, Sketch and Figma)

There are many healthcare related dashboards and UI kits for various platforms. In this article, we present a list of top healthcare dashboards and UI packages for popular design software, such as Adobe XD, Sketch, and Figma. The use of accessible and user-friendly ui elements will help you to create an attractive and intuitive product easily.

BY SUPER ADMIN 04.10.2022 in UI/UX

Flutter Booking Handyman and Hotel Templates : Top 10 List

Looking for a Flutter booking template? Here is our complete list of the best ready-made Flutter booking templates in 2022 that fit your needs.

BY SUPER ADMIN 29.09.2022 in UI/UX

Top 10 Halloween Graphic Design Resources for 2022


Halloween is right nearing the end of the year and you'll know what that means, don't you? This means you'll require resources for Halloween designs and we've put together an inventory of Halloween-themed design resources you can utilize for all your invitations, party flyers websites, blogs or any other information you'll need to make it easier to get into the Halloween spirit.

BY SUPER ADMIN 27.09.2022 in UI/UX

Is AI Art Really Art and Can You Sell AI Generated Art?

Our brains are composed of approximately 100 billion nerve cells (neurons), interconnected by a complex network of more than 100 trillion connections. The neurons in our brains are responsible for interpreting the images on our retinas into shape and meaning. The primary visual cortex is responsible for identifying lines and edges in order to create an image from a mess of visual impressions. The basic sketch is then passed to the brain regions, which create the shapes, spot shadows and make up the noses, eyes and faces. Our memories and language are used to create the final image. This information helps us classify and categorize images into different types of cats and dogs. 

BY SUPER ADMIN 23.09.2022 in UI/UX

Wireframe vs Mockup vs Prototype, What's the Main Difference?

Many designers get confused about the differences between Wireframe, Mockup, and Prototype. Many people ask questions on Quora and Reddit about these terms. It's important to clarify what it is. This would eliminate many problems for designers and save them a lot of time. The concept between these terms is relatively straightforward and distinct. Let's now clearly distinguish the terms.

BY SUPER ADMIN 21.09.2022 in UI/UX

Adobe Bought Figma for $20B: What That Means for UI and UX Designers?

One of the greatest stories these days was the 20 billion dollar acquisition of Figma by Adobe! Almost all creators of visual material utilize Figma, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular design tools available today.

Adobe opted to purchase Figma, perhaps understanding they were going to lose the competition. 

Adobe's $20 billion purchase of Figma on Thursday is what some could call a narrative violation in a year that has seen precisely zero high-profile tech IPOs and much more news stories about major layoffs than big fundraising rounds. According to a person familiar with the situation who wanted to remain anonymous because the information is private, there was no other bidder out there driving up the price.

BY SUPER ADMIN 19.09.2022 in UI/UX

Top 11 Prototyping Tools for UX/UI Designers in 2022

Prototyping is a crucial step in ensuring your design is ready for implementation. Because prototyping allows you and your developers to see the entire website or app before you begin production, it is similar to a blueprint. Because prototyping allows you to collaborate with your team, explore different options, and not have to commit to a final product, it is essential in the design process. You can use prototyping to ensure that the UX/UI design is flawless before you start implementing the final product.

You don't have to be a programmer or coder if you've never tried prototyping before. Most prototyping tools are not coding-related. So let’s take a look of our list of  top 11 prototyping tools that UX/UI designers can use,

BY SUPER ADMIN 16.09.2022 in UI/UX