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How make money by selling AI-generated art?

Thu.06.10.2022 BY Super Admin

Computer-generated art is a hot trend and you can make money selling AI-generated images. It wasn't too long ago that people were excited about selling images under NFT. Now it seems like we're moving on to AI-generated artYou may have seen these hyperrealistic images on Instagram or YouTube. It doesn't matter how you found this world, we are certain that we all felt the same: This is both cool and scary at once.

These images are quite stunning, which is why it's cool. It seems that AI is just one step closer to a dystopian future. There are also serious issues for photographers and graphic designers, as well as human artists. It is easy to see a day when most of these people will be replaced with a browser input box. But, if this is your first time reading it, you're not here to think about philosophical issues or ponder human extinction. You want to find out if the damn thing can be used to make money.

Remember that the images in this article were generated by an AI (Midjourney). Also, you could check our list ot the Best 10 Ai Generators so you should try other ones.

Astronaut created in MidjourneyFox created in Midjourney

Astronaut and Fox in Black Hoodie (Created by Midjourney)

Where can you sell your art?

Before we start to show you where could you sell your art, maybe you’re asking yourself if Ai should call art, or you are still in confusion can you sell it please check our previous article and get rid of your doubts So let’s start!.

Some people choose to sell merchandise on Etsy and similar websites and others sell canvases and paintings. Also, this could mean licensing the content through stock photographers (Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, and iStock Photo). There aren't many restrictions on what content you can upload to stock agencies or merchandise websites. They will be happy if you give them money.

Let's face it: this whole type-a-sentence-and-create-some-amazing-images thing is very cool. I was astonished when I saw the potential of the AI generator. It was amazing. AI is something we all know. It has been discussed in Hollywood for years. But to actually be able to experience it in action and to try it in person?

Our second thought was How can I make this stuff monetize? That's exactly what everyone else who has found this niche is thinking. You can see the incredible results of Midjourney users so you can get an idea of the competition.

Soon there will be an endless supply of sci-fi hyperrealistic images that people will upload to the internet in order to make a few dollars. Although it isn't as simple as it looks, it takes far less effort than being an artist. As it is often, the first to move will have the greatest advantage. However, even if you are a little late to the game, there will always be talented and creative people. There will be a few job openings in the near future for " AI senior prompt specialists", or perhaps a Fiverr service offering a " list of AI prompt presets." It's possible to make a living selling AI-generated images. However, it's not easy. Some AI artists will be very successful, while others will produce mediocre content. Others will eventually give up. Try to have fun and experiment with AI-generated images. This new technology has incredible potential and we haven't even begun to tap it yet.

Fox created in Midjourney

Smiled Foxes (Created by Midjourney)

Make AI-generated art for print-on-demand

You can also make print-on-demand products from your AI-generated images. This is another way to make money. You create a design, then upload it onto a website such as Zazzle, TeeSpring or Printify. These websites will print your design on a variety of products such as mugs and posters, phone cases, notebooks, notebooks, and notebooks. Each sale will earn you a commission.

Selling prompts

While most people create beautiful, detailed digital art today, it is clear that AI is controlling the design process. To get the best out of AI, you need to learn how to use the commands correctly. It is important to use prompt commands that aren't very simple to generate art that is similar to others. You must practice using commands until you develop your own style. PromptBase will take 20% of your price for the prompts that you sell. They can be sold between $1.99 to $4.99 and you need to know the difference between Basic Prompt And Advanced Committee.

Courses, blogs and training

Starting a blog is an excellent way to earn money if you have writing or content creation skills. Through your blog or YouTube channel, you may offer advertising space, affiliate markets, or memberships. Another option to earn money is through sponsored postings. Additionally, you may design seminars or courses to instruct AI art generation. You are able to build courses and seminars that teach AI art generation on online learning sites like Udemy. Using online learning sites like Udemy, you can even construct workshops or courses to educate AI art generation and earn money by selling your material. Blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, and other media outlets can all be used to distribute your material. Advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling your items can help you start making money if you have at most a few readers.

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