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Simple Commercial License 

  • The user is granted an ongoing, non-exclusive, global permission to use the digital work ("product") under the CSForm License.
  • You are permitted to use the Item to construct One End-projects (1) for yourself or your clients, which may be sold, licensed, sublicensed, or freely distributed. Product that you create must have distinctive new features that will create an entirely new product that won't compete with the original product.


You can:

Produce final products for clients or personal projects.

End-projects can be licensed, sublicensed for personal or customer engagements.

You have the ability to change or alter the Item. You are free to mix the Item with other works to create a derivative piece. The conditions of this license apply to the generated works.

This is a 'one-use' license, which means you can use an Item in only one project. If you want to use an item in more than one project you are obligated to buy a new license for every new project.


You cannot:

Under no circumstances re-distribute the Item as a stock picture or its source files, regardless of any alterations. In other words, even if the source files aren't provided, you can't copy or modify the item and sell it as your own on other marketplaces. To sell on any marketplace, create a theme, template, or derivative work of any product.

Do not use graphics or photos as part of your products or presentations that will be sold on any marketplace.

Under no circumstances should you resell or otherwise distribute downloaded assets on any marketplace, including CSForm, or through private channels or bots.

Note that anybody who violates these conditions will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.



End-product examples:

Commercial or personal websites, mobile applications, online apps, games, graphics, wireframes, presentations, and films are examples of end products.