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Top 10 Flutter Social App Templates for 2022

Fri.14.10.2022 BY Super Admin

If you're building a mobile app with the help of Flutter, you should definitely check out our list of top 10 social app templates! The industry is constantly evolving, and the way your users utilize mobile apps is changing at the same time. With new trends (containing stories, movies, social connections) every year, it's important to stay ahead of the game as designers and developers.

HeyP - Flutter Social App

HeyP is a social app that allows you to connect with your family and friends. The app was designed in a way that makes it easier for developers to customize the features. We will continue to add new features and improve the app. This document will assist you in installing and running the application. However, you are welcome to ask questions about any product.

Node.js is used to develop the backed, with Firebase integrated for push notifications. Both iOS and Android use the same code.

Flutter Social

It is built with Flutter, Firebase and can be used on Android and iOS. It can also be used in a web browser. You can use it in a web browser.

You can create groups to share your interests with your family and friends. Administrators of groups can manage comments and posts, delete unwelcome content, search for members, block or unblock them, and much more.

Flutter social has a beautiful UI that you can adjust to your liking. It comes with night and day modes. If you are looking to make money from your app, AdMob ads can be used to monetize it. Flutter Social is integrated with Google Analytics, so you can track usage statistics such as how many people opened the app each day, week, and how often.

Instagram clone app flutter

Flutter Android App for live feed and stories, similar to Instagram flutter app. It is completely similar to an Instagram clone. Rebranding the app is easy and straightforward. You can also customize the theme to suit your needs. Launch an app with your branding. With minimal effort, you can change the app's color theme, logos and icons. Users can view all followers, followings and posts. Users can update their profile easily. Users can upload single or multiple images to their profile.

Flutter - TikTok Clone

They offer basic support free of charge. However, they also offer installation packages. 

This is a Flutter application that lets you create your own TikTok clone. You can upload videos and edit them with filters, text, music, stickers, and more.



  • Admin Panel: Manage Social Login Enable/Disable

  • Register and log in using email with OTP-based verification

  • Home Screen with video playing, and the ability to change the video by scrolling up/down

  • Admin Panel: Manage Social Login Enable/Disable and more

Hobbies - Social Full Flutter

Hobbies - Social Media Apps with Chat and Admin Panel. Flutter v.3x Ready. (Null-Safety). Elegant, Beautiful, Stable. Lite. Smooth. Powerful UI

Find your Hobbies. Together. Both Android and iOS work well together. Admob Google Ready. Erhacorp.ID powered this site

  • GetX State Management 99% Stateless Widget

  • Hive is a light and fast key-value database.

  • Elegant, beautiful, stable, light, smooth, powerful UI

  • Animation SignIn, SignUp, Email & Password Verified.


The core backend of social app Socialoo was built using Flutter, Firebase and PHP. It is compatible with both iOS and Android. It is a social media platform that allows users to communicate with each other and exchange photos and video.

You will need the following to get started with Socialoo

- An Operating system. Both MacOS X and Windows will work.

- A Flutter SDK enabled IDE. Both Android Studio and Visual Studio Code work.

- Edit and Modify your Dart and Flutter Knowledge.

Mega Flutter Kit 25 Apps in 1 Template 

Mega Flutter Kit is a bundle of 25 app templates, each with its own documentation and source code. You’ll have everything you need to build a variety of apps for your business or brand—and for every new app template we release, we’ll send you the source code, documentation, and full support!

WhatsApp Clone App 

Whoxa is an app clone that uses Firebase to power Whatsapp. It supports audio and video calling.
For conversation, they used flutter firebase, which can also be used to chat. This software is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Whoxa supports both real-time chat as well as audio-video calls.

Here are some things you can do using Whoxa

Admin Dashboard: All your data can be viewed in one place.
Graph Analytics: Find out how much activity is occurring on your app, and where it's coming.
Users List: See all users and their activity in the app.
List of Blocked Users: Find out who you have blocked and how to unblock them.
Group List: Get notifications whenever someone posts in one or more of your groups.
Call History: See a complete list of calls made through the app, and make new calls as necessary.

My Church App

Version Flutter of MyChurchApp that supports both Android and IOS platforms.

Don't limit yourself to Sunday mornings or the four walls of the church. All of the most important features your church app should have are here: Livestreaming, Radio and Events, Devotionals. Notifications, Notes. Multi-version Bible, Audio/Video messages. Subscription plans for audio messages or videos. The app comes with seven different Bible versions: KJV, NKJV, AMPLIFIED, NLT, NIT, MESSAGE, NRSV. It includes social networking features that allow members to interact, share videos, and chat with one another.


SocialV is the best way for friends and family to connect. SocialV allows you to easily share your thoughts and passions, as well as important announcements. SocialV is an excellent way to keep up-to date on the latest news and developments.

SocialV is the perfect tool to help you create an Instagram-like app. SocialV has powerful features such as photo and video sharing and commenting. You can even like and like to build the social network you want. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to create an app. Why wait? Start today!


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