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Robby - Ionic 6 / Angular 13 UI Theme - Multipurpose Starter App

• Over 130 screens

• Ionic 6, Angular 13 and Sass

• Supports Web, iOS and Android platforms

• Firebase backend

• 10 color options

• Fully responsive

• Online documentation

Because of its versatility and adaptability, Robby may be used for a wide range of projects and campaigns. Our personal development path has taught us the value of laying a strong foundation. As a consequence, the popular Angular 13 user interface framework and the difficult Ionic 6 development framework have been combined. The best part is that if you use Robby, you won't need to employ a designer. You may construct a range of apps (for example, after-sale services, streaming music, app landing, financial goods, and so on) and integrate 3rd party libraries and services with 130 pre-made screens and components.

Finished components

Ready to use

Robby is a straightforward yet thorough example that demonstrates how to get started with Angular / Ionic for developers. It has all of the components required for this purpose. Simply combine bits across routes to upgrade your program, and it's ready to use. You'll be able to start planning your next project in no time. Our pre-built sample pages may be customized to meet your unique requirements and content. When you're satisfied with the results, post your masterpiece online!


Live preview phone

Robby is here to help you bring your creative ideas to life.

Check out our live preview page or our pre-built example sites for more ideas. You'll learn how it works and how it may effect your smartphone usage. Robby's demo phone is available for you to use to determine whether it is a good fit for you. Robby's remarkable speed and fluidity may be seen for yourself.


Live preview tablet

It's not necessary to consider how it will appear on a tablet. You may test your product on a tablet device with our tablet-friendly technologies before launching it.



By scanning a QR code with your IOS or Android smartphone, you may download Neo Koddy's sample version.



Download app directly from our servers and prove yourself that everything is working smooth.

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What is included?


Sass is a CSS processor programming language that uses variables and mixins. These plugins can help you keep your stylesheets tidy and basic while also improving performance and accelerating development.



SASS makes your code more stable and resilient while also allowing you to make front-end changes.



Start by selecting your desired level of opacity, whether that's 10%, 20% or 100%. Make your own style.



Adjust the z-index of an element. Choose from a range of drop shadows from subtle to dramatic.


Free fonts

Customize all fonts to your own style from h1 to h6. The fonts used in this app template are all free and part of the Google Fonts Library.


Blend modes

The mix modes may be used to create a variety of effects. Make a circle with a dark-to-light gradient.



You can change the background color, main color or text blend in just one line of code at all screens at once. Elegant and creative, and still so easy.

Firebase backend

More data, larger apps, and less infrastructure all have advantages.

Your mobile app will get push alerts. Firebase is a powerful mobile backend for storing data, synchronizing with users, tracking user behavior, and integrating with Google services. Use Firebase to deliver push alerts to make things easier.


10 color combinations

The color palette of Robby will encourage you to think beyond the box.

The Robby Theme comes with 10 color schemes to choose from when customizing your app. Choose your favorite colors to personalize your app. The pattern is made up of a range of swatches from various categories that have been expertly combined to give the topic a unique look. The theme is simple to use since it is designed in a basic, elegant, and modern style.



The objective is to make the world a place where technical breakthroughs benefit everyone.

Localization is made easier with RTL support, which reduces the need for workarounds or rewriting logic. Robby theme supporting a right-to-left script that covers over billion people worldwide. A theme that supports RTL languages is essential for app developers that work with people from all over the world.


MailChimp integration

Marketing might be complicated, but MailChimp makes it easy.

To keep their operations operating effectively, small firms can employ a variety of tools. One of your most crucial marketing tools may be MailChimp. You're almost done; all you have to do now is alter your MailChimp list's ID.


Push notifications over Firebase

To aid in the creation of apps, user engagement and retention, and business expansion.

Your mobile app will get push alerts. Firebase is a robust mobile backend that allows you to store data, sync with users, track user activity, and integrate with Google services. To make things easier, use Firebase to send push notifications.


google analytics

Keep an eye on your users and consumers at all times.

Google Analytics is the most widely used platform for web, mobile, and app analytics. It gives you real-time, actionable data from your users' behaviors so you can track your company's progress. With this free tool, you can keep track of what your users are up to. Simply by doing anything on your website, you can track how customers interact with your products and services.


Google Maps integration

Street View navigation, as well as satellite and map navigation, are available.

You may get a bird's eye view of your journey while driving because Google Maps is incorporated. You may check your route and statistics for traffic problems, petrol prices, and local sites of interest while driving. Robby's ability to use Google Maps is one of his strongest abilities.


qr & barcode scanner

You may get fast information by scanning any QR code.

It's difficult to imagine life without a QR code nowadays. They're all over the place. With your phone's camera, you can scan and store any QR code or barcode.A simple inspection will create the code without the usage of any other tools. It's strong, precise, and simple to operate.


form validation

Robby is in charge of filling in any fields that are left blank or incomplete.

Several apps need users to enter data into a text box. You could want to make an app that requires users to sign in with their email address. You won't have to worry about missing fields or incomplete submissions with the Robby Ionic 6 UI theme's entirely configurable form validation.


unified graphic

Robby simplified the process of creating a comprehensive app experience. You can mix and match the 130+ screens without changing the app's design and experience because they all have the same look and feel.


clean code

The theme's HTML5, SASS, and CSS3 code is well-organized and documented. It has been optimized for search engines to provide the best SEO results. We hope it will help you increase your blog's productivity by saving you time!


SVG icons

Typeface Icons is a collection of over 800 retina-ready, web-safe icons that may be used in lieu of any typeface.


blend modes

There are a variety of mix options (black/white, darkening, and gradients) to guarantee that your photographs look great on the app.


change fonts

To change the fonts on all screens, all you have to do is alter one line of code in the main SASS file!


events done

To suit your needs, you may alter or override the "event" of each button's clicking.



We are always here to assist you. Our entire attention is given to each of our clients.



In the future, more features will be introduced. Please keep an eye on our website, email, or social media to stay up to current on the latest edition.