Watercolor Seamless Textures – Blue Pack

Watercolor Seamless Textures – Blue Pack

• 12 seamless blue textures in PNG
• High resolution 1500x1500px at 300dpi
• .ai swatch file for Illustrator
• Drawn by hand
• Made for seamless repeating
• .pat file for Photoshop

Watercolor texture on pillow
Blue watercolor texture
High-resolution blue watercolor textures

Watercolor Seamless Textures – Blue is a collection of 12 seamless watercolor textures you can use to add a handcrafted feel to your designs.

These rich and vibrant pieces of art can be used in numerous ways to highlight your content. Whether you are considering a watercolor look for your website, creating colorful custom logos, posters, stationery, social media posts, invitations or digital posts, our watercolor textures will provide you with an authentic handmade feel in the blink of an eye!

These high quality images come in PNG format with a transparent background, and will help you in adding some splashy details to your designs.

The trend of watercolor textures

You have probably heard the saying "Everything old is new again." This saying can be easily applied to design and design trends. 2018 will be the year of modernizing graphic design trend from the past, including watercolor trend that has been popular for some time now. Its popularity is especially prominent in fashion illustration, interior design and editorial design.

Besides fonts, textures are among the most popular design resources. We can freely say that watercolor graphics have been one of the biggest design trends in 2017, with a tendency to become even more popular in 2018. The watercolor trend represents a unique way to give your design a more personalized touch. It can be seen everywhere from personal blogs to high fashion designs.

It is a style that is suitable for creative businesses looking for something a little outside the standard 'flat color' look. Watercolor textures are a popular design option because they are fun, easy to use and work with a variety of different types of content.

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The usage

Our Watercolor Seamless Textures – Blue Pack showcase gorgeous colors that can only be achieved through the beautiful pigments of watercolor inks.

These high resolution watercolor textures are 100% seamless, and this feature makes them perfect for use as backgrounds. It is also possible to use them as repeating web backgrounds or apply them as pattern overlays on vector shapes in Photoshop.

The use of light and calming colors in these watercolor textures makes them more suitable for creating backgrounds with a natural energetic feel. Watercolor Seamless Textures – Blue is a bundle of 12 different hand painted watercolor textures featuring an attractive blue color theme. These textures will be your perfect tool for creating print graphics such as flyers, posters, book covers, greetings, apparel, packaging, wedding invitations, business cards etc. It is also suitable for making designs for digital, including website backgrounds, app backgrounds, wallpaper, presentation, covers for social networks and much more.

How we made our watercolor textures

When it comes to creating watercolor textures, there are few options. Our technique while making this pack was using real watercolors and scanning our images.

All of our textures are drawn by hand, scanned, cleared and made for seamless repeating.

Supplies we used for creating our watercolor textures are: watercolor paints, watercolor paper, a soft paint brush and a water cup. After getting all these supplies, we applied some water on the brush, dipped it into a watercolor cup, and started creating magic!

You have two choices when it comes to digitizing your artwork – photography and scanning. We chose scanning over photography, as lightning can be easily inconsistent in photographs, which results in lost details. Our watercolor textures are scanned at 300 dpi, which is one of the highest quality photo settings on the scanner.

Not everybody has time and energy to make their own watercolor textures. This is where our Watercolor Seamless Textures – Blue Pack step in, as it will save your hours of dabbing, mixing and swashing. Just drag and drop your graphics, and explore all the possibilities this package offers!