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Top 9 Hybrid App Templates for 2018

Wed.05.09.2018 BY Admin

Hybrid App Development Templates

If you are keen to build a mobile application, choosing the hybrid app development environment will save you time and effort. There are various hybrid mobile app frameworks, but only these 5 can be considered the best – Ionic, React Native, Framework7, PhoneGap, and Onsen UI. Consequently, we decided to explore the market, and select for you the best app template built with these frameworks. Let's dive into a list of 10 useful hybrid app templates, which can help you build great mobile hybrid apps with a native feel.

1. Ionic 3/Angular 6 Starter UI/UX Components & Multipurpose Template App

Ionic 3 Angular 6 Dark Theme iOS12 style

If you want to effortlessly build an Ionic 3 hybrid app with dark UI, Ionic 3/Angular 6 Starter may be the right template for you. Ionic 3 UI Dark Theme has 80+ iOS design HTML5 layouts, each available in 5 color options – blue, yellow, green, purple, and red. This multipurpose app template also includes 100+ components, which can be combined to build an app for almost anything. This amazing app starter is built with Sass, which enables you to apply changes to all 80+ screens at once. Other significant features are Firebase backend, push notifications via Firebase, MailChimp integration, form validation, Google Maps integration, in-depth documentation, free updates and many more. Price: $98

2. Antiqueruby React Native Material Design UI Components

Antiqueruby React Native App Template

Antiqueruby is a React Native app template, which can save you up to 200+ development hours. Antiqueruby includes 140+ screens, and 9+ kinds of UI/UX – Navigation Drawers, Profiles, Sign in, Sign up, Social, Walkthrough, AdMob, Music, and E-commerce. This template is inspired by Material Design and designed following their standards. It comes with elements for both iOS (from ver. 8.0) and Android (from ver. 4.1). This React Native template is also RTL compatible and comes with an AdMob integration. Price: $28

3. Ionic 3/Angular 6 UI Theme/Template App – Gradient Blue Light

Ionic 3 Angular 6 Gradient Blue Light App Template

Ionic 3/Angular 6 Gradient Blue Light is a modern, multipurpose app starter which includes 80+ layouts and 100+ components. This colorful Ionic app template is a mixture of eye-pleasing design and clean code and offers all the resources you need to quickly develop your own app. You will be able to apply changes to all screens at once, as this template is built with Sass, a CSS preprocessor that offers features not usually available in pure CSS. Price: $29

4. Ionic 3 UI Theme/Template App – Material Design – Blue Light

Ionic 3 Material Design Blue Light Template

Ionic 3 Blue Light is a multipurpose app starter which comes with 70+ layouts inspired by Google's Material Design. This template is built with Sass, a CSS preprocessor which adds special features such as variables, mixins and nested rules into regular CSS. Besides main CSS file, this template possesses other features like Firebase backend, MailChimp integration, Google Maps integration, form validation, push notification over Firebase and many more. It is significant to emphasize that this template is extremely popular on CodeCanyon, and has been on a weekly top seller list since it came out. Price: $29

5. React Bitcoin Ticker

ReactBitcoin Template

If you want to build a cryptocurrency-related app that will work on both Android and iOS platform, React Bitcoin is a template for you. Main features include cryptocurrency tracker, coins list, details for coin, a chart for coin, news list, global info for the cryptocurrency, Firebase Analytics, RTL support etc. Price: $40

6. App Platform – All in one React Native Universal Mobile App

React Native Universal Mobile App

As its name alludes, Universal Mobile App is a multipurpose template built with React Native. This vibrant and comprehensive template is basically a bundle of multiple apps that follow the same design and coding pattern – Shop app, Shopify, Restaurant, Recipes app, Events app, Night club, and Conference app. This product includes a Firebase Admin Panel, which enables you to manage your app settings and content directly from the web, this eliminating the need for app republish. Another great advantage of this template are regular updates which are free. Price: $49

7. ListApp – Listing Directory mobile app by React Native


ListApp is an app starter built on top of React Native, which helps you create, manage, monetize and organize any listing business you want. Some of the main features of this template include Maps integration (your end-users will be able to find their locations of interest), offline access, calendar event and many more. This pixel-perfect template supports 4 kinds of menu styles: Small, Overlay, Full Width, and 3D scale. Price: $59

8. Yoga Guide

Yoga Guide Ionic Template

Yoga Guide is an app template perfect for developers working on a health/fitness project. This template is designed to help end-users practice yoga at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home. The app comes with a clean and modern design, and the code behind it is clean which makes customization or modification pretty straightforward. Price: $39

9. Ion2FullApp Elite

Ion2Full App - Elite Edition

Developed by Ionic Themes, Ion2FullApp ELITE is a set of 48 pixel-perfect screens designed by professionals. It is built with Ionic 3, Angular 5, Sass and Cordova Plugins. It offers a plethora of features such as Firebase integration, video player, social login, Google Maps integration, geolocation and many more. The documentation that follows this Ionic 3 template is detailed and well-written, so its users won't experience troubles while trying to adjust it to their projects. Price: $56

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