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Top 12 Free Mobile UI Kits For 2019

Tue.15.01.2019 BY Admin
Best Free UI Kits for 2019 Who doesn't love free stuff? Freebies are especially popular among the design community, as they help take away some of the workload from you. On the other hand, they can serve as a convenient marketing tool for designers that want to gain prominence, and obtain new clients. This article lists the top 12 free mobile UI Kits, for designers to get inspiration and save time they would otherwise spend on brainstorming and testing how certain UI elements come together.

1. Velocity

Velocity Free Dashboard UI Kit Velocity is a dashboard UI Kit with a robust design system. Velocity is packed with everything you will need to prototype and design beautiful, functional experiences for any screen sizes. It includes 10-page layouts with 70+ components, 300+ UI elements, and a customizable color scheme based on nested symbols and text styles. Compatible with: Sketch, Studio and Photoshop

2. Meet Up – Free UI Kit for Adobe XD

Meet Up Free UI Kit Meet Up is a free iOS UI Kit made for Adobe XD. It includes 80+ screens organized in 6 categories. The color palette revolves around purple shades. The goal was to use a more feminine color palette and to embrace a contrast between dark and light elements. More saturated shades are used to draw attention on the important elements. Fonts used in this freebie include Monserrat Regular and Monserrat Bold. Speed up your design workflow and customize it as much as you want.

3. DogLife – Free UI Kit for Adobe XD

DogLife Free UI Kit DogLife is another Adobe XD-compatible UI Kit, designed for the ones who are building apps for dog lovers. There is a total of 22 screens at your disposal, such as Home, News, News Details, New Post, Sign In, Forgot Password, Language etc.

4. E-commerce Free UI Kit

E-commerce Free UI Kit for Adobe XD This is a bright and friendly e-commerce UI Kit, free to use for commercial and creative purposes. This Adobe XD UI Kit has 6 responsive web pages: Homepage, Item Page, Catalog, Cart, Shipping and Payment. It uses Open Sans, a free font from Google Fonts library.

5. Crowdfund Companion

Crowdfund Companion Free UI Kit Crowdfund companion is a great UI Kit for your fundraising campaign. This vibrant UI Kit includes more than 10 fully linked prototype pages, fonts, icons and colors.

6. E-Comm Adobe XD UI Kit

E-comm Adobe XD UI Kit E-comm is a free UI Kit which includes 22 well-organized and layered screens, covering all the main user flows. All the main UI elements are located in one 'Components' artboard, so any element could be directly grabbed from there and added to your project. Although this UI Kit was primarily created for online stores, the components could be used for a variety of other apps. There are many UI components such as lists, tags, message bubbles, comments, various button states etc.

7. Eggplore UI Styleguide – Freebie

Eggplore Free UI Kit Eggplore is a complete UI Kit available in Sketch and Figma formats. This styleguide is based on symbols and reusable elements. This freebie is a part of a bigger AR Maps & Navigation UI Kit. Eggplore premium UI Kit contains 80 specific screens, whose symbol component is well-designed in order to minimize your effort. Get the premium version

8. Backpack

Backpack Free UI Kit Backpack is a free UI Kit for Adobe XD, which can come in handy for designing social experiences with travelers. It includes 50+ customizable screens across 7 categories. Some of the categories are Social Feed, Music, Messaging, Book Trips and Buying Tickets. The design is clean and modern.

9. Auto-Animate UI Kit

Auto-Animate UI Kit Auto-Animate UI kit provides examples of micro-interactions, drag effects, UI elements, that can be implemented in both mobile app and web design. Designers only need to design the start and end states and Auto-Animate will do the rest. In addition, the Auto-Animate UI Kit includes examples of parallax scrolling and animation states for a website. Compatible with Adobe Xd.

10. MentorMe

MentorMe Free XD UI Kit MentorMe is a free UI Kit, crafted by Daniel White in cooperation with Adobe. It includes a total of 36 customizable screens, flows for scheduling meetings, creating profiles, provisioning payments, sending and tracking messages, as well as ratings and notifications. A comprehensive asset panel specifies fonts, colors, navigational elements, buttons, and 40+ icons to choose from.

11. SoundBuzz

Sound Buzz Free UI Kit SoundBuzz is a free music app UI Kit, which comes with a lot of screens such as album page, music library, playlists, user profile and others. Clean, vibrant and smart design for modern music apps. Compatible with: Sketch

12. B Hero

B Hero Free UI Kit B-Hero is a mobile app UI Kit, which showcases blood donating app concept. It includes 13 carefully designed screens, with a cheerful color scheme. Compatible with Adobe XD.
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