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Top 12 Dashboard Mobile App UI Kits

Tue.08.05.2018 BY Admin

Dashboard UI Kit  

Dashboard apps, also known as information apps, represent the most convenient way for most people to consume business information. They allow presenting business information in a highly visual form, which increases the level of interactivity and provides users with rapid answers to their questions. An admin dashboard is the most convenient tool to monitor your project activities, productivity and progress. A dashboard is meant to be used by a smaller group of people, with a set of tasks such as editing content, checking data, or updating a profile. Formerly, admin dashboard design was often neglected, but now the situation has changed. This article features 10 beautifully designed Dashboard UI Kits that do a great job of presenting information clearly and neatly in a concise dashboard. Check out how the authors of these UI Kits used colors, graphs, and charts to create visually pleasing interfaces.

1. Datta Dashboard UI Kit

Datta UI Kit

Datta is one of the most comprehensive Dashboard UI Kits out there. This huge UI Kit comes with 130+ components for prototyping, designing and developing amazing dashboard apps. Datta is based on the card system, which means that there are thousands of possible combinations. Everything will fit perfectly, because the components are based on the Bootstrap 3 (1170px) grid system.

2. Orion Sci-Fi Dashboard

Orion Sci Fi Dashboard UI Kit

ORION is a modern and creative PSD template for admin panel focused on sci-fi theme. It includes 70+ widgets, charts, graphics, tables and more. All the components are vector-based and fully customizable. Layers are neatly organized and carefully named. This pixel-perfect UI Kit uses free fonts, which can be found in the Google Fonts library. This collection of 17 PSD files will greet the users of your dashboard app with a beautiful interface, and provide them necessary information in an attractive and sleek way.

3. Material Design Dashboards UI Kit

Material Dashboards

If you like Google's Material Design, you will love this UI Kit! It comes with a plethora of components, built to fit together and look stunning. Compatible with Sketch and Adobe Xd, this UI Kit includes 40 dashboard UI screens, sufficient to create first-class material UI experience in a matter of hours. This UI Kit comes with Layer Styles and Symbols, which means you can easily change the colors, icons or typography. The Sketch file comes with Roboto, a free font for Google Fonts library.

4. Dashboard60 UI Kit for Sketch

Dashboard60 UI Kit

Dashboard60 UI Kit is one of the biggest UI Kits on the market with a focus on dashboard user interfaces and web applications. Features: -75 screens with various layouts -One complete 15 screen app design with Marvelapp prototype -28 Dark Interfaces & Dark UI Styleguide -4 project guidelines -Retina-ready -Optimized for Sketch and Photoshop This UI Kit is packed with 2 typeface versions, with Free Google Font Source Sans Pro & secondary Proxima Nova.

5. Grade UI Kit

Grade UI Kit

Grade UI Kit is a massive bundle of more than 1000 carefully crafted elements, divided into 10 categories. In addition to the huge pack of components, Grade also contains more than 100 beautiful vector icons. Every element comes in light and dark version, and is made with a focus on the detail, which implies that the projects made with this UI Kit will look professional and elegant. Fonts, colors, forms, and the size of elements can be easily changed, so you can basically create anything you want. Grade UI Kit is 100% vector, so every element can be resized and adjusted to the needs of your project. One of the main perks of using this UI Kit is its organization, since every element is carefully grouped and named. It is important to emphasize that all the components are based on the Bootstrap 3 1170px wide grid system, so they will fit together perfectly. Each font used in this UI Kit is free, and downloaded from Google Fonts library. You are not limited to the existing fonts, you can add your own if you feel like it.

6. Matta Material Design UI Kit

Matta UI Kit Sketch Ps Xd  

Matta Material Design is a UI Kit that introduces material design concepts in an easy to use and beautiful set of 1000+ components. All elements included in Matta are vector based, which makes them easily scalable and adjustable to various screen sizes. One of the main aspect that should be considered regarding UI Kits' usage is organization, and in Matta, all layers are named and grouped for easier use. This UI Kit has enough screens and components to design almost every app, including social network apps, news apps, ecommerce and of course dashboard and stats apps. This huge Material Design UI Kit is compatible with Sketch, Xd and PSD software. All the fonts used in this mobile app UI design are free and a part of the Google Fonts library.

7. Paneller Admin Dashboard iOS

Paneller UI Kit

Paneller Admin Dashboard iOS UI Kit is a set of 120+ iOS screen templates designed in Photoshop. You can choose between dark & light version, depending on which mood you want to add to your dashboard app. With its well organized layers, this UI Kit enables you to promptly find the desired element and create projects within minutes. All the fonts used are free Google Fonts.

8. The Mobile Admin Dashboard UI Kit

Admin Dashboards

Mobile Admin Dashboard UI Kit is a set of 60+ UI screens which you can use to design beautiful interfaces for your clients. Compatible both with Photoshop and Sketch, this UI Kit uses Lato, which is Google's free font. This is a clean, minimalistic UI Kit aimed at helping you create a clean and stylish dashboard app. It is important to accentuate that 30 screens are light, and 30 screens are dark. There is no difference between the two versions, except the color of course.

9. Tida iOS UI Kit

Tida iOS UI Kit

Tida is a modern and beautifully designed iOS UI Kit with 30+ mobile UI screen templates. It is built around a concept of Video Dashboard mobile app, which serves to monitor video activities. This UI Kit is organized in 8 categories with 4 different styles. The size of the screens is 375x667px. Each screen is fully customizable and compatible with Sketch App. All layers are named and organized in groups.

10. Violett iOS UI Kit

Violett UI Kit

Violett is a clean, light and minimalist Business & Management app designed specifically to suit the new iOS11 & iPhone X. Its main purpose is to simplify the user experience for admin panels and data management on mobile. It includes a set of 28 screens, available in both dark and light themes. It also includes 200+ elements and 70+ icons. All vector, flexible and organized files are compatible with both Sketch and Ps.

11. Saas Admin Mobile UI Kit

Saas Admin UI Kit

Saas Admin Mobile UI Kit is a set of 42 screens, divided into 3 categories - 12 Onboarding, 24 Dashboards and 6 Modals. It includes Symbols and Layer Styles, which allows easy customization of colors, icons or typography. This Sketch and Adobe Xd compatible UI Kit uses Open Sans, which is a free font derived from Google Fonts library. Most components are responsive and resizable, which implies that you can easily adapt them to your own custom art boards.

12. DashBee

DashBee UI Kit

With its clean and modern design, DashBee is one of the most recognizable UI Kit on the market. It includes 16 screens, which are fully customizable, and easy to use. DashBee was designed with responsiveness in mind, as it is built with Bootstrap 1170px wide grid. This UI Kit also includes free vector icons and free fonts.

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