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Top 11 Free Ionic 3 Templates

Wed.04.04.2018 BY Admin

  Free Ionic 3 Templates

You will often hear comments in the Ionic community that free Ionic templates are risky because they do not come with a great customer support, or they are sometimes made by amateur developers. And although this is partially true, there are some free templates that are solid, and come with a decent support. Some free Ionic templates/themes are just too good to neglect. Some of them are not only awesome looking, but they come with functionalities better than some of the themes you would pay for. That is the subject we are reviewing today, as we assembled the list of Top 11 Free Ionic 3 templates, which will allow you to dive into the world of Ionic hybrid mobile app development, for the price of nothing.

1. Premium Login Component for Ionic - Free Sample

Login Component For Ionic - Freebie

This is a free login component built with Ionic 3, Angular 5 and Sass. It includes ion-grid, which means it will fit any screen size. It also comes with a validation form, a feature that makes sure that users insert data in the correct format. Besides that, this free sample comes with several SASS/CSS blend modes. This freebie is a part of a product called Premium Login Component for Ionic 3 - Three Themes, which is currently at a 50% discount.

2. Ionic 3 Start Theme

Free Ionic 3 Starter

Ionic 3 Start Theme is a simple Ionic starter theme which can help you build apps for Android and iOS. It comes with 10 screens – Login, Register, Home (with Trip Activity card search), Settings, Notifications (Popover), Search Location (using Storage), Trip Results, Trip Details, Trip Checkout (with resume and Credit Card + Paypal form), and Local Weather (with real http service Weather API). This starter theme also includes mock data, providers samples, storage, and Http. Besides making apps for Android and iOS, with this template you will be able to make Web Apps (PWA).

3. HeyCommunity v3

HeyCommunity Free Ionic 3 Theme

HeyCommunity v3 is a free template built with Ionic 3, which will help you make your own social network app. This template includes WeChat login for third-party apps, which is based on the OAuth 2.0 standard. Usually, before implementing WeChat login in your app, you need to register a developer account on the developer portal, and to wait for the app to be approved. But, since WeChat login comes with this template, you can skip this process. This template also uses Jiguang push notification service. JPush (abbreviated from Jiguang push) is one of the most popular (and free!) push notification service providers available in China. This template includes i18n support, which is an abbreviation for the word "internationalization". This app takes into account the language settings of the device and determines which translation files to use. Functional modules are Timeline, Topic, User and Notice.  

4. Location Base App

Location Base App

Location Base App is a starter template built with the Ionic latest framework. This template could be used to build location-based apps which could help your users to find airports, gas stations, bars, restaurants, hospitals, beauty salons, wi-fi spots or basically anything near them. This template provides an option of listing any offers, services, places, and promoting them based on the user's location. Google map code is included.

5. Temo Chat

Temo Chat

If you want to build a simple, and colorful chat application, Temo Chat is the template for you. As all the other templates from this list, it is free of charge. It comes with several useful screens, common in chat apps – Login, Chat room, List friends, My Profile and Friend Profile. The template has a simple, clear and attractive design. Considering the fact that it is made with Ionic 3 framework, it will work both on Android and iOS devices.

6. Ionic 3 Messenger Starter

Free Ionic Messenger Starter

Messenger Starter is a cutting-edge Ionic Firebase Messenger app template. This template comes with a fully functional backend powered by Firebase. This template has a clean and simple design, which means users of the apps made with this template, will easily find their way around. This app starter is made with Ionic 3 framework, an open source front-end SDK for developing awesome hybrid mobile apps with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Ionic is focused mainly on the look and feel, and UI interaction of your app. As Ionic is a hybrid app development framework, apps made with this template will work both on Android and iOS. Get Ionic 3 Messenger Starter, and start making your messenger app now!

7. Cabify UI - Clone of Cabify App UI

Cabify UI

If you haven’t already heard of Cabify (although there is a small chance you didn't), it is a personal transportation app that enables the app's users to order a car in a couple of taps. This app has currently more than 5 million downloads on the Play Store, and operates in Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. If you want to make an app similar to Cabify, this template may just be what you need! Since it is built with Ionic 3, this template uses the ionic components, which are thoroughly explained on the Ionic official website. This template uses the native API of Google Maps, so it only works on iOS and Android.

8. Firebase Social Login

Firebase Social Login Free

Social login is crucial for any application, as users are not keen on going through a time-consuming registration process, that involves the creation of a unique username and password which they need to remember. In addition, Social Login API offers an important benefit for businesses – obtaining of user's social data. If you consider adding a social login component to your app, but you don't know how to do it, or you don't want to spend time on making Social login, then this free Firebase Social Login might come in handy. This is a free template which will enable users of your app to login with Google and Facebook. You can use this template with new or existing apps.

9. InstaClone

InstaClone Free Ionic Template

Owned by Facebook, Instagram is a mobile, desktop, and Internet-based photo-sharing application and service. It lets users upload photos or videos to the service. Users can apply various filters to their images, and add locations through geotag. It is a common thing to add hashtags to link the photos to other content on Instagram. InstaClone, as the name implies, is an Ionic 3 template made to emulate the world-famous Instagram app. This template includes various screens, such as Home, Search, Messaging/new message screen, profile/profile edit & options screens, and preview of stories. It also comes with a camera plugin. It is important to emphasize that this template does not have any backend, it includes only dummy data.

10. Click Theme

Click Theme Free

Click Theme is an Ionic 3 template which you can download free of charge, and make a beautiful photo sharing app. A perfect user of this app is someone who has a passion for photography and app development. Considering the fact that this is just a template (just designed pages), you need to write code to add certain functionalities. The makers of this app template have also designed click page to take photos and store them in the mobile storage.

11. Multiple Sidemenu

Free Multiple Sidemenu

Multiple Sidemenu is a fully featured template built with Ionic 3 framework. This template includes a base functionality of side menu that can be easily integrated into any Ionic app. Functionalities that are integrated within this template include Right Sidemenu, Left Material Design Side menu, Custom Image avatar Side menu and Dark Theme Side menu. All screens are inspired by Google Material Design and follow its guidelines. The screens you will get once you download this template are Default Side Menu, Material Design Side menu, Avatar Side menu, Dark Side menu, and Right Side menu. This template also includes some nice CSS animations/transitions that will significantly increase the UX of your app. It is important to emphasize that Multiple Sidemenu uses SASS, also known as CSS with superpowers.

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