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Top 10 Crypto UI Kits for Figma

Tue.23.08.2022 BY Super Admin

Cryptocurrencies are on the rise, increasing in both value and popularity. If you are involved with projects in any kind of crypto niche, such as blockchain, smart contracts, mining, etc., it is likely that you will need to design some crypto-related visuals. Figma makes it easy to create UI designs for these kinds of projects. Here's a collection of some fresh high-quality crypto UI kits for Figma designers.


The NFT Marketplace for artists and dealers is called Axies. It unites artists and collectors, enabling them to exchange and sell works as non-fungible tokens. The process of working with the marketplace is very straightforward for producers; it all begins with uploading a product to a blockchain, after which it may be exchanged as a non-fungible asset. 

This theme includes a variety of customization options to help you give your website the appearance you want.

Main Features:

  •  2 pages in the Figma file

  •  Simple to update and modify.57+ screens. 

  •  Extremely Clean and Simple Layout. 

  •  Innovative Design

Price: 22$


A sleek, contemporary, and attractive PSD template, Cryptlight is ideal for ICO Agencies and cryptocurrency investment firms. They may create a website for an ICO launch using this template. The template contained all the necessary features and section designs for starting an ICO website, including sections for the About Us, Whitepaper, Roadmap, Team, Tokens with Countdown, Sale Token Details, and Funding Allocation sections. You may easily alter the text, content, image, objects, and color with this PSD template. This fantastic PSD template will help you launch and grow your company. Users will like your website with this design since it offers them a distinctive and fascinating experience.

Price: 15$

Deva Web App

The Deva design system was developed using Ant Design concepts and tailored for Figma. Use the React, Angular, or Vue libraries to construct your applications and save hundreds of hours. The top businesses employ the system, which is frequently upgraded. Guaranteed liquidity for millions of users and hundreds of Ethereum apps thanks to the decentralized trading protocol.

Screens in Deva:

  • Connect Wallet (5 Screens)

  • Swap (18 Screens)

  • Pool (20 Screens)

Price: 36$


The design system was developed using Ant Design concepts and tailored for Figma. Use the React, Angular, or Vue libraries to construct your applications and save hundreds of hours. The top businesses employ the system, which is frequently upgraded.

Main DeGe Features:

  • Walkthrough (5 Screens)

  • Create Wallet (16 Screens)

  • Account & Network Management (6 Screen)

  • Creating Assets (18 Screens)

DeGe has over 120 components, 180 style and 70 premium icons.

Price: 36$


A gaming crypto token launching platform, GamFi - Metaverse Web3.0 IGO/IDO Gaming launchpad Template includes a live IGO/IEO/IDO project, staking, firming pools, tier system, and tokenomics.GamFi is a completely finished Figma template for an IGO, Crypto, and Digital marketplate.

GamFi Template features a contemporary style and gorgeous color palettes. It satisfies every need for creating Launchpad in relation to the various types of pages included in the template bundle. It has all the required sections and components.

Figma was used to develop GamFi, which was created for the Crypto DeFi token launchpad marketplace website.

Main Features:

  • Modern Design

  • 3 Home Variations

  • Beautiful color and typography

  • 28 High Quality Screens

  • Layered & Well Organized

Price: 22$


Kleon template is perfect for an admin dashboard website, e-mail dashboard, invoices admin, calendar admin, kanban admin, project manager admin, SaaS admin panel, and temp management admin dashboard. Utilize this template to create a magnificent and captivating admin dashboard design. Kleon UI Kit comes with more than 100 cutting-edge, original User Interface screens in Figma format. Using Figma, editing and customization are simple.

Price: 22$


Jiade's presentation of gorgeous color and an appealing, simple-to-read visual bar, which draws influence from popular trading websites, platforms, and applications, makes it appropriate for cryptocurrency trading, bitcoin trading, trading analyst, and any other trading website or business.

The Jiade Trading UI Template is a Figma file template that includes both bright and dark page modes. The product comes with 12 Figma designs files totaling 12 screens in each box. You may alter, arrange, and set up the template for your trading website using Figma with the aid of the instructions.

Price: 12$


The NFT marketplace UI template for creators and traders is called Enefty. It enables the trading and exchanging of NFTs by collectors and makers alike. After doing a lot of research and developing user experiences, the interface was created. This made it possible to make the process of uploading and trading a non-fungible token on a blockchain for a creator relatively simple. For a collector, the template's interface and flow make the entire asset collection process simple. Enefty has a very user-friendly UX and a very engaging, contemporary UI. The template was created in Figma, making it simple to develop.

Main Features:

  • The template includes 24 Figma screens to cover the entire procedure.

  • 3 Unique Homepage Layouts

  • Dark interface

  • Retina Ready

Price: 8$


The Cryptolly Web & Dashboard UI Kit will benefit your financial and cryptocurrency-related goods and services. Comes includes a combination of Landingage and Dashboard templates, all of which are simple to change and adapt using the variations function, speeding up the design process.

Main Features:

  • 10+ Dashboard and Landingpage

  • Responsive Mobile

  • Easy to customize

  • 100+ Design Components

Price: 30$


It is the ideal place to begin seeking expert gaming websites. You may use it to establish and administer clan cryptogames, teams, competitions, lotteries, and games. Jugaro is appropriate for games using bitcoin, including bitcoin faucet, bitcoin ptc, bitcoin offer walls, bitcoin dice game poker online, fivecard poker, roulette, and three-card poker. It is quite simple to modify so that it meets your company demands.

Main Features:

  • 05 Homepage 

  • 48 Perfect Pixel / Layered PSD files

  • Fully layered PSD files

  • Unique and Modern Style

Price: 29$

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