Organic food poster flyer template - Bicycle with vegetables

Organic Food Poster/Flyer Template – Bicycle with vegetables

• 4 original PSD files
• Print-ready – 300 dpi
• A3 format (297x420mm)
• Dark & light version
• Changeable design via Smart Objects
• Detailed user guide

Organic Food Poster
Organic Food Street Poster

Organic Food Poster/Flyer – Bicycle with vegetables is a set of 4 premium PSD files which will help your store stand out from the crowd with a professional poster/flyer design.

Spread the word about your latest promo with our selection of ready-made organic food posters/flyers you can print or share online.

The role of posters and flyers in marketing your business

Posters and flyers are still one of the most powerful methods for marketing your business, despite today's digital-driven world. Their biggest advantage is their prominence, as it is hard not to look at a printed poster hung on a wall when you're walking on the street or waiting for the bus, in comparison to digital ads which can be blocked with spam filters and ad blockers.

One of the most important steps when running an organic food store, besides finding natural food suppliers and hiring staff, is focusing on promoting your products.

This can include distributing flyers throughout your area on car windshields, sticking posters on the wall, placing ads in local newspapers, and establishing a killer social media presence.

Posters and flyers can be a remarkably effective way of delivering your message to the public. When distributed correctly posters and flyers can stick to viewers' minds and can be a great tool for small to medium-sized businesses to increase brand awareness. Your poster or flyer should carry a simple message, an eye-catching image, and a catchy slogan. This is where our Organic Food Poster/Flyer Template steps in, as it saves you time and effort, which would otherwise be spent on a rather boring search for the appropriate image and slogan creation.

Free iPhone mockup with organic food background


Our Free iPhone mockup features two male hands holding an iPhone with organic food background. Subscribe and download one PSD file in high resolution. Double-click on a smart object, and simply drag and drop your prepared graphics, logos or any other branding material. License: Free for personal and commercial use

Who can benefit from our Organic Food Poster/Flyer template?

Now that we've clarified the advantages of choosing posters and flyers as your marketing channel, we will provide the examples of companies that could benefit from our Organic Food Poster/Flyer templates.

Namely, almost any business related to organic food and healthy nutrition can use our template for marketing purposes. Some of the businesses that could benefit greatly from our templates are: Food truck business, food delivery services, vegetable and fruits mart, bio grocery stores, organic food restaurants, supermarkets that sell organic products, fresh juice bars, organic food stores etc.

If you don't want to rely just on print materials for the promotion of your business, we have good news for you! Our template is adjusted for Facebook covers, which means that you will not need to hire a professional designer for building your social media presence, nor will you have to pay a hefty amount of money for stock images which can cost you more than this whole package.

Free fonts

All fonts used in this our Organic Food Poster/Flyer Template – Bicycle with vegetables are free, and from NEXA family.

The fonts that added a special charm to our template are:

- Nexa Rust Slab Black Shadow

- Nexa Rust Sans Black

- Nexa Rust Script Light

- Nexa Rust Handmade Extended

- Nexa Rust Extras Free

If you want to check them out, click here.

How to customize Organic Food Poster / Flyer Template?

Adjusting our template to your needs will not represent a problem, as this package comes with detailed instructions. Nevertheless, in the following text we will acquaint you with the term 'Smart Object' and its role in inserting your logo and text in our template.

Smart Object is a layer than can contain raster and vector image data while keeping the image's source content and all its initial characteristics. They isolate the original graphics you are trying to place from the rest of the visual effects that are already there.

When you purchase and download our package, you need to open the .psd file in Adobe Photoshop. Your next step is to double-click the Smart Object thumbnail in the Layers panel. Afterwards you need to drag & drop your company's logo into the Smart Object window, retype titles, hit save button and you're done.