Organic Food Photo Mockup / Vegetables

• 10 original PSD files
• Natural and white paper
• Changable graphic over smart objects
• 5 branding mock-ups
• 8 professional photo presets
• High resolution ~5300×3500px, 300dpi

With our Organic Food Photo Mockup - Vegetables you will be able to easily create image scenes, hero image scenes for websites or print materials in a matter of minutes, even if you are not experienced in using Photoshop.

We made a selection of 10 photographed and professionally retouched images that are inspired by healthy living and healthy and organic food. We then used them to create a versatile scene generator and photoshop mockup on which you can easily add your own graphics, images or logos, and create your own image scenes or branding materials.

This is a great way to make beautiful and unique designs that can be used for websites like organic food shops, healthy food restaurants, organic food farms and anything else that’s related to organic and healthy food.

Also, we made sure that all materials and graphics used in this image scenes are in high resolution so any design or image scene that you create with our Organic Food Photo Mockup / Vegetables can be used for print and creating great looking posters, flyers, editorials… or simply used as banners and ads to promote your organic food business.

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• 1 original PSD file
• A6 branding mockup on natural paper
• Changable graphic over smart objects
• 2 professional photo presets
• High resolution ~5086×3392px, 240dpi

Organic Food Photo Mockup - Vegetables Main Features

As designers and developers ourselves we know that sometimes image scenes can be very demanding, so finding the right resources and all the graphics you will need can be very time-consuming and frustrating. This is why we made sure that no matter how demanding your scene is, if it includes healthy and organic food, you will find everything you need with our PSD mockup you will get everything you need.

Here’s what you will get when you buy our Organic Food Photo Mockup – Vegetables:

Detailed user guide

Although a lot of our clients have advanced knowledge in using Photoshop, we are aware that there are also those that have no experience in Photoshop but are in need of a good photoshop mockup and image scene generator. This is why we included in our package a detailed user guide that will explain how to use this mockup. So, you don’t have to be a professional to benefit from our scene generator.

10 original PSD files

We made 10 differently arranged scenes, all of which include organic food, healthy products and all of which can be easily modified so you can add your own branding or graphics. This gives you an opportunity to create a whole lot of different scenes so your website or print materials will never be boring. When it comes to photoshop mockups and image scene generators, this is as good as you’ll get because it’s very easy to use and it’s versatile so you will never be stuck with just one design option for your project.

8 professional photo presets

Not only can you create numerous image scenes using our Photoshop mockup, but you can add a different mood to every design you make, thanks to 8 different photo presets that we included in this image scene generator. Simply turn on a preset with a single click to see how it effects your scene and keep the one that best emphasizes the emotion you are trying to achieve. If you have advanced experience in working with PSD mockups, you will easily find ways to combine these presets or even create your own.

5 branding mock-ups

We also included 5 branding mockups that professional designers will find very interesting. If you are for instance working on a project that includes branding materials for a company that’s in the organic food business, you can use our Photoshop image mockup to present your ideas in a manner that your clients might find more appealing. Also, if you are not a designer and want to present your organic food business to potential clients, you can do it with Organic Food Photo Mockup – Vegetables without hiring an expensive designer. Our mockups include A6 mock-up – white, A6 mock-up – natural, Bussines card, Can, Bag (with displacement map).

How to use Organic Food Photo Mockup – Vegetables

Whenever we make scene generators and PSD mockups we always try to make them as easy to use as possible. We want to create products that can be used by professionals but also by people that have little or no experience with Photoshop.

Organic Food Photo Mockup – Vegetables is no different. It uses high quality graphics and images (5300x3500px, 300dpi) so it can be used in web design or in print, but what makes it such a great product is the fact that you can add your own graphics or branding materials in minutes.

All you have to do is double click on a designated smart object and add your desired graphic to incorporate it in our predefined scene. Simple drag and drop and that’s it. You have your very own image scene.

All layers in the mockup are separate so you can change their shadows or reflection by your own needs which is a great feature if you need some advanced and detailed adjustments to make your design just the way you want it.

You can also use one of our 8 predefined color presets if you want to change the mood for your scene. With it, you are basically getting 8 different moods for every image scene we created.

Any part of this image scene generator can be switched off or on if you feel the need for it, so you get to choose what will be visible in your scene. This means that with only one photoshop mockup you get an endless number of possibilities and combination, so you can use it on numerous different designs for years to come.

This amount of possibilities with just one image scene mockup beats any stock image that you will probably pay more than this whole package, and have limited editing options with no possibility to add your own branding materials unless you are an expert in using Photoshop.