Organic Food Mockup & Hero Images Scene Generator

Organic Food Mockup & Hero Images Scene Generator

• +220 isolated images
• 21 premade scenes
• 9 textures
• 1 color-changeable solid background
• 9 photographic color presets
• Drag & Drop placement

Fruits and vegetables on board
Fruits and vegetables on board
Notebook and laptop on wooden texture
Potato and onion
Spices on wooden table
Fresh fruits and vegetable on wooden table
High resolution color presets
High resolution textures
Vegetables and spices arranged on plate
Pineapple and watermelon
Healthy green vegetables
Fresh squeezed juices
Animal shaped cutting boards
Organic food branding papers and packages
Vintage package tied up with string
Wooden spoons and cinnamon sticks
Colorful straws and bottle of milk
Branding material and spices
Several types of bread
Paper bag and bread basket
Vintage tray and laptop

Organic Food Mockup & Hero Images Scene Generator is a massive collection of organic food items which can be easily personalized to fit each client.

If you are working on a project for restaurant or hotel, or any other food-related website, this scene generator can be a huge time saver.

Mockups and scene generators are a unique way to upgrade your site branding, products and visuals. Besides branding, they are used in web design in order to create a more stunning look and feel. With the help of our Organic Food mockup & scene generator you can create your own environment to present your products. It is a huge collection of kitchen elements you can use and arrange the way you desire.

What makes it so special?

With over 220 items this product is one of the largest packages of food related graphics available. Each item is fully layered and photo based (big resolution and excellent quality), a feature that enables you to create really huge scenes, for high-resolution displays and print projects.

There are no limitations regarding this package, as it enables you to choose from the range of items and place them wherever you want and adjust backgrounds and colors.

It can be used for making hero images, food menus, bio grocery stores (ads, posters, flyers), fresh juice bars, organic food restaurants, food delivery services etc.

Free Organic Juice Mockup


We are offering you a try-before-you-buy opportunity! Subscribe and download our freebie which features a large glass of organic juice with wooden texture and desert island background. You get 1 original PSD file in high resolution. Double-click on a smart object, and simply drag and drop your prepared graphics, logos or any other branding material. License: Free for commercial & personal usage

Make beautiful hero images

Simply put, hero images are large banner-like photos that take up a large portion of a website's header. They are one of the biggest trends in web design, and chances are that you have probably seen them on many websites.

Those who purchase our package will get all the tools to easily make their custom hero images, as this package comes with numerous professional photos. All photos can be combined, with no need for additional retouching (we did it for you).

All materials and graphics in this package are in high resolution, which makes them suitable for making print materials, like posters, flyers, business cards, menus etc.

What is included in Organic Food Mockup & Hero Images Scene Generator?

In order to make a marvelous scene generator that allows making stunning hero images we had to include the following resources.

+220 isolated images

This package comes with more than 220 isolated images which can be combined in an unlimited number of ways. One of the main perks of this mockup & hero image scene generator is its cost-effectiveness, having in mind that this amount of photographs purchased individually can cost you significantly more than this entire package.

This bundled package includes the following items: fruits, vegetables, spices, loaves of bread, fresh organic juices, cutting boards, branding paper and packages, dishes, trays, devices like Mac laptop and iPhone, high-resolution textures, etc. This huge collection also includes mockups to include logos and other branding artwork.

21 premade scenes

Our Organic Food Mockup & Hero Images Scene Generator comes with 21 premade scenes, which are print-ready and in high resolution 4500x2500px, 300dpi.

These premade scenes only miss your graphics, to be ready for exporting for web or print. Premade scenes may come in handy for those who are satisfied with the way they are assembled and want to save time which they would otherwise spend in thinking how their scene could look like.

10 changeable textures and backgrounds

After buying our Organic Food & Hero Images Scene Generator you will get to choose from 9 high-res textures and one color-changeable solid background. High-res textures emulate concrete, marble and wooden materials.

9 color presets

We offer you a choice of 9 color presets to find the right effect for your scene. Photographic color presets you can choose from are: Cooling, warming, vibrant colors, bleached, dimmed, 70teez, black and white 1+2, and vivid. You can also combine them and change the opacity to make come up with a new color preset.

Top view (overhead shot)

Top view style of photography has been immensely popular in the last few years, mostly due to Instagram influences who photographed their food in this way. One of the reasons why top view photography is so popular is because it creates a look pleasing to the eye, and it allows people to see numerous objects in a single photograph. We photographed everything from top view, which makes it easy to see each individual object.

How to use our Organic Food Scene Generator?

We always try to make all of our products as user-friendly as possible, and we believe we did not make an exception with Organic Food Mockup & Hero Images Scene Generator.

PSD mockups and scene generators can sometimes be hard to comprehend and customize, and we understand how frustrating that can be for customers who are not Photoshop savvy.

Organic Food Mockup & Hero Image Scene Generator comes in the form of fully editable PSD files. It allows you to effortlessly customize the elements and add your own designs in the packages, menus, tables, menus, and other items with the help of Smart Object layers.

In order to make your own scene, you need to drag & drop isolated objects in our prepared basic file, choose one of the textures, use one of the color preset to add a special mood to your scene and you are done. In addition, you can add your graphics in branding mockups to make the presentation of your work.