Material design UI/UX Kit

• 120+ Mobile Screens
• 1000+ Components
• 9 Categories
• Scalable vector & free fonts
• 360x640px templates
• Compatible with Sketch

Matta - Material Design Mobile UI Kit is a superb library of app templates and UI elements combined into high-quality source files for Sketch. These can be used as a starting point for coding numerous types of mobile applications or mobile app templates, and will save you hours of work because it offers all UI elements you will ever need to make a great looking mobile app, in one place.

Our mobile UI kit is made entirely by Google Material Design instructions, which is the most popular approach for designing mobile apps today, especially if you are working on an Android app. As we mentioned, all layouts are compatible with Sketch app, but soon we will upload versions that can be used in Adobe XD.

All graphics that are included in Matta - Material Design Mobile UI Kit are vector based which makes them easily scalable and customizable to different screen sizes. We made sure that all layers are carefully named and grouped for easier use when you want to make changes and adjust our design to fit your needs. In addition, we made sure that all of the fonts we used in this mobile app UI design are free and a part of the Google Fonts library. This will make coding a lot easier.

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• 10 mobile screens
• Scalable vector & free fonts
• 360x640px templates
• A lot of components
• Modern Material Design
• Compatible with Sketch

More about the design in mobile app UI kits

One of the most common challenges you will face when coding a mobile app, whether it’s for Android or iOS, is the design. Most people that develop mobile applications are not great designers so a huge number of apps you can find on Play Store or on App Store never reaches a large number of users. Main reason – bad design.

An average user will always pay a lot of attention to the way an app looks like and will often choose a better-looking app with fewer options than the one that has all the functionalities he will ever need, but doesn’t look as nice. (as much as developers hate to hear this, it is a fact).

This is where Matta - Material Design Mobile UI Kit comes in. With it, you will be able to make all the functionalities you want in your app, wrapped up in a highly popular Google Material Design that’s been especially created to make apps more user-friendly and intuitive.

And on top of all that, think of all the time you will save because you don’t have to spend hours and hours drawing your UI elements. Whether you are developing social network apps, dashboard & stats apps, media & news apps (blogs, videos, galleries…), e-commerce apps, booking apps… with our mobile app UI template kit we got you covered.

What’s included in this UI template kit

As developers ourselves, we have a pretty big experience in developing numerous types of mobile apps. We took that experience and used to make sure that our Matta - Material Design Mobile UI Kit includes all of the components you will need to create a fully functional and beautiful mobile app. So, here’s what you will get when you buy our kit:

120+ Mobile Screens

With over 120 mobile app screens you will hardly find a segment of a mobile app that we didn’t think of. From Sign In/Up screens, e-commerce segments like payment screens or product listings, media players, photo galleries, navigation screens, wizard screens and walkthrough segments, article/blog screens for news apps, multifunctional UI cards that can be used in numerous ways and much more.

1000+ Components

Our mobile app UI design kit offers one of the largest components libraries you will find, with over 1000 components commonly used in mobile apps development. From tabs, menus, profile cards, list views, search bars, checkboxes, review stars…

11 Categories

To make thing easier for mobile app developers, we organized our UI design kit in 11 different categories that will help you find and implement your desired components faster. These categories include Sign in/up, Walkthrough, Profile, E-commerce, Dashboard, Media, Navigation, News/Blog, Search, UI Cards and Feed.

Well organized vectors

As we already mentioned, Matta is made out of scalable vector based graphics that are compatible for use in Sketch application. It is all well organized, documented and grouped so you can easily find your way around and save a lot of time during your development process.

With everything that this Material Design based components have to offer, all that is left for you is to make something nice with our UI Kit.