iPad Tablet UI App Mockups with Vivid Backgrounds

• 15 original PSD files in clean style
• 15 original PSD files with vivid backgrounds
• Retina ready mockup size
• Changeable graphic over smart objects
• High resolution ~3500×2300px, 300dpi
• Detailed user guide

When it comes to photoshop mockups or image scene generators, mobile devices are probably the most sought-after over the past few years, thanks to their wide range of usability. Our iPad Tablet UI App Mockups with Vivid Backgrounds is a perfect choice if you are looking for high quality, yet affordable, iPad PSD mockups that can be used for branding, web design and even printing materials.

This package includes 15 + 15 photographed and carefully retouched PSD files which can be edited with your own graphics within minutes and used for branding purposes, app presentation or presentation of responsive websites, web design as hero images, design show-off and more. You can also use them as ads or banners if for example you are promoting your online or local shop that sells iPads.

Thanks to their high-resolution graphics and predefined scenes, this PSD mockup and image scene generator can also be used for creating print graphics including posters, flayers, editorials and much more.

And what’s more important, the graphics can be all easily edited or completely changed over smart objects so you will have no trouble creating your own unique image scenes even if you have little or no knowledge when it comes to working in Photoshop.

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• High-res original photo
• 2000x1333px at 240dpi
• Easy graphic changing over smart object
• Changable background
• Layered and grouped

What’s included in iPad Tablet UI App Mockups with Vivid Backgrounds package

Finding the best way to present your work, brand or ad that includes mobile devices is not as easy as it might sound. Sure, you can find numerous mobile devices Photoshop mockups or tablet scene generators, but it could be hard finding one that’s as versatile as this one, but easy to use. With this PSD mockup you will save hours of work and still be able to present your work in a professional mater that your clients or customers will surely appreciate.

This is why we made sure that iPad Tablet UI App Mockups with Vivid Backgrounds offer all the resources you will ever need when it comes to iPad photoshop mockups. This is what’s included in the package:

15 PSD files with clean backgrounds

You will get 15 editable PSD files without any backgrounds, so you can easily add your own graphics on the iPad screen and then place it in an environment that will best emphasize the design you are promoting or presenting. The files in our mockup include iPads photographed from various angles which will help you present your work in a more realistic way. These include isolated iPads as well as iPads in hand.

15 PSD files with vivid backgrounds

Once again we didn’t want to leave anything to chance, so we made another 15 PSD files, this time with vivid backgrounds, which will work perfect if you are looking for an iPad PSD UI mockup to present apps or websites. We were very careful when we made these backgrounds and selected their colors carefully so they look modern and professional but at the same time always keeping the focus to the thing that are on the screen. They also include isolated as well as iPads in hand.

Print and retina ready PSD mockup

One of the most important things when making a Photoshop mockup, beside making it easy to use and edit, is to create it so it works well with today’s high-resolution retina displays. Our iPad Tablet UI App Mockups with Vivid Backgrounds are 3500x2300px in size so they will not only look great even on the most demanding displays, but they can also be used to creating great looking print graphics.

Detailed user guide

Not everybody is a professional when it comes to working with PSD mockups, but we even thought of those that have no or very little experience when it comes to working in Photoshop. This is why out iPad mockup package includes a detailed user guide that will explain in details how to use this mockup and how to add your own graphics and create unique images.

How to use iPad Tablet UI App Mockups with Vivid Backgrounds

Having a great looking app or UI mockup doesn’t mean that much if it will take you a lot of time to add your own graphics or branding materials. One of the main reasons people are looking for PSD mockup like this is to save time when working on a project, or if they need to make a quick presentation of their app or website.

That’s why one of the main things that we focus on when we create Photoshop mockups like this is to make them as easy to use as possible. When you buy our iPad tablet mockup, it will literally take you minutes to add your prepared graphics and create your own unique images or presentation.

It’s that simple.

All you need to do is open the desired graphic, double click on a smart object that you want to change and simply drag and drop your prepared graphics, logos or any other branding material. And you are good to go.

On top of that, with 15 + 15 different PSD files, not only will you have options to find the best angle to present your work, but you will also be able to use this mockup numerous times on all sorts of different projects.

And that’s not all, because all of these features that we mentioned are available to you for a price that’s less than what you would pay for one high-res professional stock photo. And with all of the features and options that this PSD iPad mockup offers you can make as much professional photos as you want and use them to present every project that includes iPad presentation, for years to come.