Back To School
Mockups and Hero Image Scene Generator

• 120+ transparent high resolution images
• Drag & drop easy graphic change
• Fully layered and grouped
• 14 premade scenes
• 10 High-res textures
• 6 photo color presets

Our Back To School Mockup & Hero Image Scene Generator will help you create beautiful image scenes that can be used as hero images in web design or for high quality print.

With over 120 isolated images, 14 premade scenes and an option to easily create your own, we are sure that this PSD (Photoshop) mockup will give you all you need if you want to create any school related images or print materials.

Our goal was to create a versatile scene generator that can be used in more than one way, so even if your needs are not strictly school related, you can use it for branding scenes, image scenes that include stationery material, store image scenes, library scenes and more.

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• High resolution, 4000x2500px at 300dpi
• 1 photo color preset
• Fully layered and grouped
• Easy graphic change over smart objects
• Suitable for web hero images or print

What’s included in Back To School Mockup & Hero Image Scene Generator

To make everything as easy as possible we included huge numbers of resources in this scene generator, so no matter how demanding your scene or needs are we got you covered. Here’s what’s included in our PSD mockup:

More than 120 isolated images

We have more than 120 standalone image objects that can be used however you want. When you take in consideration that only one stock image can cost you more than this entire package, you can see the benefits you get when you buy our Back To School Mockup & Hero Image Scene Generator. From books and office supplies, school supplies, hands, pens and more – all items are carefully selected and professionally photographed to help you combine any school related graphic. Even more, we added branding elements and four additional screens.

14 premade scenes

For users that do not have a lot of experience with Photoshop it could be hard to construct a nice-looking image scene. This is why we created 14 predefined scenes in high resolution (4000x3000px). All you have to do is just add your graphic or your/client logo simply by double-clicking a smart object, export it for web or print and you are done. No more than that.

11 prepared and changeable textures and backgrounds

Again, to make things easier for less experienced users, or for people that do not want to lose too much time on a project, we included 11 changeable textures and backgrounds that will make your scenes look as professional as possible. We created them guided by the latest design trends, and all you need to do is choose the one that best suits your needs and you’re ready to go.

6 photographic color presets

You can make scenes that have a special mood with 6 of our photographic color presets (vibrant colors, cooling, warming, bleached, dimmed, 70teez). Simply turn on or off-color presets and chose the one that best emphasizes the emotion you want to achieve with your image scene. Experienced users will find it very easy to combine these presets and create their own unique look.

Branding mockups with smart objects

Last but not least, we added a lot of objects like bags, office supplies, art supplies, book, papers… that can be used if you are a designer for instance who wants to present some of his/hers work in a professional manner. You can even use these objects if you own a store that sells school related merchandise to promote your brand online and on printed materials.

Mockup for beginners and professional Photoshop users

When it comes to PSD mockups and image scene generators, the biggest challenge most users face with is the fact that they often require advanced or even expert level of Photoshop knowledge. We made sure that all of our scene generator products, including the Back To School Mockup, are created so they are easy to use, regardless of how good you are in using Photoshop.

With our well thought, organized resources and isolated images that this PSD image mockup includes, you will easily be able to add your own hi-res photos and create images that can be professionally printed out or used as images for websites. Even users with no or very small knowledge of working in Photoshop will have no problems using our photo mockup to create their own image scenes.

Thanks to the high resolution of 4000x3000px, your created image scenes will look great even on the most demanding retina displays out there. This way you will be able to create numerous hero images that are today a must-have graphic in modern websites.

How to use our image scene generator

The most important thing is that you can add photos to create your own image scenes in a matter of minutes, so you can save hours of work and searching for perfect images online, or even paying huge amounts for stock images that offer very little editing options.

As we said, you don’t need to be a Photoshop expert to use Back To School Mockup & Hero Image Scene Generator. Just drag & drop isolated objects in our prepared basic file, choose one of premade textures and backgrounds, adjust and combine object in the way you want the scene to look like use professionally made color preset and you are done. Piece of cake. On top of that you can add your design in branding mockups to make presentation of your work.