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NeoKoddy - Ionic 6 / Angular 13 UI Theme - Multipurpose Starter App

• Over 130 screens

• Ionic 6, Angular 13 and Sass

• Supports Web, iOS and Android platforms

• Firebase backend

• 10 color options

• Fully responsive

• Online documentation

Neo Koddy may be utilized for a variety of projects and campaigns because to its versatility and adaptability. Our personal growth journey has taught us the importance of building a solid foundation. As a result, Angular 13's popular user interface framework and Ionic 6's complicated development framework have been integrated. The best aspect is that you won't need to hire a designer if you utilize Neo Koddy. With 130 pre-made screens and components, you may build a variety of apps (for example, after-sale services, streaming music, app landing, financial items, and so on) and connect 3rd party libraries and services.

Finished components

Ready to use

Neo Koddy is a simple yet comprehensive example that shows developers how to get started with Angular / Ionic. It has all of the necessary components for this purpose. To upgrade your software, simply join bits across routes, and it's ready to use. In no time, you'll be able to start planning your next project. Our pre-built example pages may be tailored to your specific needs and content. Post your masterpiece online after you're happy with the results!


Live preview phone

Robby is here to help you bring your creative ideas to life.

For further inspiration, check out our live preview page or our pre-built sample sites. You'll discover how it works and how it may affect how you use your smartphone. Neo Koddy's demo phone is available for you to try out to see whether it is a suitable fit for you. You can see Neo Koddy's incredible speed and fluidity for yourself.


Live preview tablet

It's not required to think about how it'll look on a tablet. Before releasing your product, you may use our tablet-friendly technology to see how it looks on a tablet device.



Koddy's sample version may be downloaded by scanning a QR code with your IOS or Android smartphone.



Download app directly from our servers and prove yourself that everything is working smooth.

Try it now
What is included?


Sass is a variable and mixin-based CSS processor programming language. These plugins can help you maintain your stylesheets clean and simple while also boosting performance and speeding up development.



SASS improves the stability and resilience of your code while allowing you to make front-end modifications.



Start by selecting your desired level of opacity, whether that's 10%, 20% or 100%. Make your own style.



Adjust the z-index of an element. Choose from a range of drop shadows from subtle to dramatic.


Free fonts

Customize all fonts to your own style from h1 to h6. The fonts used in this app template are all free and part of the Google Fonts Library.


Blend modes

You may use the mix modes to produce a variety of effects. Make a dark-to-light gradient in a circle.



You can change the background color, main color or text blend in just one line of code at all screens at once. Elegant and creative, and still so easy.

Firebase backend

There are benefits to having more data, larger apps, and less infrastructure.

Push notifications will be delivered to your mobile app. Firebase is a robust mobile backend that allows you to store data, sync with users, track user activity, and integrate with Google services. To make things easier, use Firebase to send push notifications.



The goal is to make the world a place where everyone benefits from technological achievements.

RTL support simplifies localization and eliminates the need for workarounds or rewriting logic. Neo Koddy theme supporting a right-to-left script that covers over billion people worldwide. App developers that work with individuals from all over the world need a theme that supports RTL languages.


MailChimp integration

Marketing might be difficult, but MailChimp makes it simple.

Small businesses can use a range of tools to keep their operations running smoothly. MailChimp might be one of your most important marketing tools. You're almost done; all that's needed is to change the ID of your MailChimp list.


Push notifications over Firebase

To help with app development, user engagement and retention, and business growth.

Push notifications will be delivered to your mobile app. Firebase is a powerful mobile backend for storing data, synchronizing with users, tracking user behavior, and integrating with Google services. Use Firebase to deliver push alerts to make things easier.


google analytics

Always keep an eye on your users and customers.

For online, mobile, and app analytics, Google Analytics is the most extensively used platform. that provides you with real-time, actionable data from your users' actions, allowing you to track the success of your business. You can keep track of what your users are doing using this free program. You can monitor how people engage with your products and services just by doing anything on your website.


Google Maps integration

Street View navigation, as well as satellite and map navigation, are all available.

Because Google Maps is integrated, you may be able to see a bird's eye view of your route as you drive. You may check your route and statistics for traffic issues, petrol prices, and nearby sites of interest while driving. Neo Koddy's ability to use Google Maps is one of his strongest assets.


qr & barcode scanner

Scanning any QR code will provide you with instant information.

Nowadays, it's tough to picture life without a QR code. They're spread over everywhere. You can scan and save any QR code or barcode with your phone's camera. Without the use of any extra tools, a simple examination will generate the code. It's powerful, precise, and easy to use.


form validation

Neo Koddy is in charge of filling in any blank or partial fields.

Users must enter data into a text area in several apps. You could wish to create an app where users must sign in using their email address. With the Neo Koddy Ionic 6 UI theme's completely adjustable form validation, you won't have to worry about missing fields or incomplete submissions.


unified graphic

Neo Koddy made the process of developing a holistic app experience much easier. Because all of the 130+ screens have the same look and feel, you may mix and match them without affecting the app's design and experience.


clean code

HTML5, SASS, and CSS3 code in the theme is well-organized and documented. It has been search engine optimized to deliver the finest SEO results. We believe it will assist you in increasing the production of your blog by saving you time!


SVG icons

Typeface Icons is a set of over 800 web-safe, retina-ready icons that may be used in place of any typeface.


blend modes

To ensure that your images appear fantastic on the app, there are a range of mix choices (black/white, darkening, and gradients).


change fonts

You only need to update one line of code in the main SASS file to change the fonts on all displays!


events done

You can edit or override the "event" of each button's clicking to suit your needs.



We are always available to help you. Each of our clients receives our undivided attention.



More features will be added in the future. To remain up to date on the newest issue, please keep an eye on our website, email, or social media.