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Flutter UI Kit Templates: Top 10 List

Thu.01.10.2020 BY Admin
Flutter UI Kit Templates

Developing an app from scratch can be a time-consuming, complex venture. However, there is a way to save time and money during the development process - by integrating a professionally designed UI Kit.

1. Flutter UI Kit - FlutKit

Flutter UI Kit Flutkit

FlutKit is a carefully designed & developed multipurpose mobile app UI Kit. FlutKit includes 100+ widgets, 180+ screens covering many app categories, and a set of 10 sample application pages. With this Flutter app UI Kit, you will be able to build a wide array of apps - chat, shopping, hotel, food, music, event, social, course, or health apps.

2. Prokit

Prokit - Flutter App UI Kit

Prokit is a vibrant Flutter UI Kit that offers an enormous library of 230+ widgets. Apart from widgets, Prokit includes 700+ beautiful screens, 12 themes, 10 full apps, and 20 integrations. This template is suitable for a wide range of businesses that need clean design and powerful features. If you are planning to build an app only for the Android platform, there is also an Android version of this UI kit template written in Kotlin, and offering 550+ screens.

3. Flutter Crypto & Wallet UI Kit Template

Crypto and Wallet UI Kit Flutter

Crypto & Wallet is a Flutter-based app template for building cryptocurrency or wallet apps.
The design of this template is made in compliance with Material Design specifications. Apart from awesome animations, this Flutter app template includes a light & dark mode of its screens.

4. Medico Flutter App UI Kit

Medico Flutter App UI Kit

Medico is a Flutter app UI Kit that offers 25+ screens and 65+ components such as Sliders, Tabs, Search bar, Botton Navigation, and much more. Medico app UI Kit is a great starting point for developing doctor appointments and other kinds of healthcare-related apps.

5. Deco UI Kit

Deco UI Kit Flutter

Deco UI Kit is a multipurpose Flutter app template, containing more than 35 app screens. It is suitable for building e-commerce, social network, or photo & media apps. Deco UI Kit includes well-documented, easy to use widgets ready to be integrated into your app.

6. Ecommerce Flutter App UI Kit

E-Commerce Flutter App UI Kit

As the name suggests, this is an e-commerce app template containing 120+ components and 60+ screens. To enhance the UX of your app, this template offers various interesting animations such as parallax animations, hero animations, and sliding & swiping animations. All the screens are available in light & dark mode.

7. uFlutter - Universal Flutter App UI Kit

uFlutter - Universal Flutter App UI Kit

uFlutter is a multipurpose app UI Kit that offers 370+ widgets, 160+ screens, and 400+ icons. The possibilities are vast with this app template, as it enables you to build social, e-commerce, or blog apps. The design of this Flutter UI Kit follows Material Design guidelines, which is especially convenient if you are planning to build an app for the Android platform. One of the latest features added to this UI Kit is the ability to switch between light and dark mode.

8. Food Delivery Flutter App UI Kit

Multi Restaurants App UI Kit - Flutter

Food Delivery is a Flutter-based app template that comes with 25+ screens and 70+ components. The code is clean and written entirely in Dart. In addition to interesting animations, this app UI Kit offers a choice between light and dark mode.

9. Flutter Taxi App Driver UI Kit

Flutter Taxi App for Driver

Flutter Taxi App Driver UI Kit includes a set of 25+ screens, designed following Material Design guidelines. This Flutter UI Kit communicates with the Google Maps API Directions Service to receive direction requests and calculate the most efficient path.

10. Treva Shop

Treva Shop Flutter App Template

Treva Shop is a highly-rated e-commerce Flutter app UI Kit that offers over 30 screen layouts. This app template includes various powerful features such as multi-language support, animation controller, free updates, and much more.

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