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13 Best Finance App UI Kits

Tue.31.07.2018 BY Admin

Finance Mobile App UI Kits

People all around the world are using mobile banking and finance apps to complete transactions, check balances, and explore service or product options. Managing money and handling investment decisions are easier than ever before, due to personal finance apps. According to a recent study, nearly two-thirds of smartphone users have at least one financial app on their device. Now that mobile banking has become so popular, it is no wonder that more and more people are interested in building one. If you want to enrich your or your client's finance app with a gorgeous design, take a look at our list of 13 best finance app UI Kits.

1. Malta Financial iOS App UI Kit

Malta Financial UI Kit

Malta Financial UI Kit is a cutting-edge set of 22+ iOS screens, optimized for iPhone X. Layers are well-organized and named, for the ease of customization. Optimized for iPhone X, this UI Kit can be a huge time saver, and can help you in building an amazing finance app. This UI Kit is a perfect example of how dark UI and color gradients can be an effective combination. Compatible with: Sketch, Photoshop, Xd and Figma Price: $16

2. Diamond UI Kit

Diamond UI Kit

Diamond is a UI Kit that provides you the access to a huge set of mobile screens and components that you can use to get inspiration for your next finance app. It includes 160+ design screens organized into 15 categories. All graphics in Diamond UI Kit are vector based, which makes them easily scalable and customizable. Fonts are free, and available via Google Fonts. Compatible with: Sketch App Price: $20

3. Stock Market App UI Kit

Stock Market App UI kit

Stock Market App iOS UI Kit is a set of 25+ iOS screens, which enables you to create your own individualized trading environment. Main features: choose the markets, instruments, charts, and trading components, dedicated and specialized trading modules, switch between various chart types, period and range selections, select the period and range etc. Stock Market UI Kit boasts a perfect layer organization, which will make the customization process easy and fast. *One Web Screen Bonus Compatibility: Sketch App Price: $20

4. Matta Material Design UI Kit

Matta Material Design UI Kit

Matta is a huge multipurpose app UI Kit, comprised of 120+ screens and 1000+ components. Since this UI Kit is made entirely by Google Material Design standards, you can use to design modern and cutting-edge app, especially if you are designing specifically for Android. All graphics included in Matta are vector based, which makes them easily scalable and customizable. All layers are carefully named and grouped, and all used fonts are free and available via Google Fonts. Compatible with: Adobe Xd, Sketch and Ps Price: $47 (60% off)

5. AB Wallet Mobile App for iPhone X

AB Wallet iOS UI Kit

AB Wallet is a wallet app UI Kit containing 39 iOS screens that you can use for designing your next finance management app. It includes 8 categories – Login & Sign Up, Walkthrough, Dashboard & Activity, Filter, Send Money, Menu & Add Card, Invite Friends, and Personal Information. Besides 39 iPhone screens, this UI Kit also comes with a premium icon set. Compatible with: Sketch App Price: $48

6. Mobi Wallet 2018

Mobi Wallet 2018

Mobi Wallet 2018 is a huge set of 50+ screens, which can help you design your next e-wallet or mobile banking application. Main features: Authentication (login, register, forgot password), Homepage, Transactions history, Searching, Transfer Money, Profile, Gifts, Settings, Mobile Top-up etc. All included elements were made using vector shapes, which guarantees easy customization and retina-ready support. Mobi Wallet 2018 UI Kit uses San Francisco (SF Pro Display), a free font from Apple Fonts. Price: $25

7. Aurelia iOS UI Kit

Aurelia Mobile Wallet App UI Kit

Aurelia iOS UI Kit is a minimalist and modern mobile wallet app UI Kit, specifically designed for iPhone X. It includes 17 pixel-perfect screens, available in light & dark variations. It also contains 150+ customizable elements, retina-ready and vector based. Compatible with: Sketch, Adobe Xd and Photoshop Price: $23

8. Finey UI Kit

Finey UI Kit

Finey iOS UI Kit is a personal financial management app template, including 38+ screens for iPhone X. Finey has a clean and eye-pleasing color scheme, with white and blue color being prevalent. Designed with minimalism in mind, this UI Kit is optimized for iPhone X and Desktop. The structure of Finey is well-organized, which makes its customization a breeze. Compatibility: Sketch and Adobe Xd Price: $48

9. Expensr – Expense Tracker App UI Kit

Expensr App UI Kit

Expensr is an expense tracker app UI Kit, suitable for the ones in need of a modern design for their expense management app. This pixel-perfect UI Kit comes with a set of 13 screens, easily customizable and highly suitable for your projects. Layers are well-organized and named, stored and combined into Adobe Photoshop. Price: $30

10. Investo UI Kit

Investo UI Kit

Investo is a vibrant investment mobile app UI Kit, based on AI. It is packed with 19 screens with multiple files which support various screen resolutions - from iPhone 6 to iPhone X. Each screen is fully customizable, and carefully layered and grouped in Sketch. You can use it for designing banking & statistics app, investment, mobile wallet and many other finance-related apps. Price: $15

11. WiseBank iOS UI Kit

Wise Bank iOS UI Kit  

WiseBank is a next-generation mobile banking app UI Kit, comprising of 30 iOS screens. All graphics are scalable and vector based with carefully named & grouped layers for easier use. Apps designed with the help of WiseBank UI Kit will be eye-pleasing and in line with the latest design tendencies. Compatible with: Sketch and Adobe Xd Price: $24

12. Mobile Wallet UI Kit

Mobile Wallet UI Kit

Mobile Wallet UI Kit is a minimalist and modern UI Kit, suitable for any business looking to create their own finance app. Designed in Adobe Photoshop, this UI Kit comes with 31 ready-to-use screens organized into several popular categories – Wallet, Transactions, Currency, Sign In etc. Elements are perfectly organized, easy to assemble and change. You can use any fonts, select any color combinations and much more. Price: $22

13. Finansi iOS UI Kit

Finansi iOS UI Kit

As the name alludes, Finansi is a finance-related mobile app concept intended to help you in your financial app development. It comes with 30 pixel-perfect screens, which are fully customizable, exceptionally easy to use and carefully layered and grouped. The icons are designed specifically for financial app requirements. In addition, the smart symbol makes it easy to change the color of icons. Compatible with: Sketch Price: $36

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